Takhat Shri Patna sahib zoo Patna museum
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Called as capital city of Bihar on the banks of river Ganga, has lots to explore. Places to visit- Gandhi ghat, Gurudwara, golghar, museum, planaterium, Gandhi sangralaya, botanical garden, isckon temple, eco park, are within the city limits to explore. Kesaria stupa, Ajanta, Vaishali peace pagoda, sitamarhi, lauriya nandangarh are places around Patna to explore. Revolving restraunant is a must to visit, while you could shop at Ashok Rajpath, hathwa market, Khaitan market and Lhasa market. Don’t miss out on litti Chokha, daal baati, some chicken and mutton dishes and besan sweets.
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It will be very hot & dry in Patna. Places to visit Bihar Museum , Patna Sahib Gurudwara , Gandhi Ghat , Golghar , Gandhi Maidan, Patan Devi Temple. You must eat Khaja(Sangeeta Sweet) & Litti Chokha. If you eat non vegetarian try Champaran Meat House for Mutton. It's very spicy !
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Golghar,Patna Sahib Gurudwara,Nit ghat,Patan devi mandir,Mahavir mandir etc r places to visit u can also nearby tourist destinations like Rajgir,Gaya and Vaishali under 100km