Travels are already funded as per previous yr plan.
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I am a freelancer and i travel with my laptop. I'm working all the time. It feels great; at least my office is not the same boring walls and the same chair. It's different everytime. Sometimes i'm at hills, other times i'm working at a pool side. However, these things can be distracting as well, but adhering your routine will make things work.
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What work do you do?
Bro, what is it?
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These are some volunteering sites, you can get more help on Google
I met one freelancer in mcleodganj and his earning was around 1.3pm.he was in himachal for 3months
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If you are an influencer, get some business for the Hostel you're staying in. They might make your stay for free or the food is on the house!
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If I am not an influencer then? Do hostels provide work?
My friends have done it in Old Manali
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Even I would like to know
Would like to more about it too