Yes i have
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As said in the trip offers it varies. like the current ones are just discounted trips for two. so i wil get discounted rate and for the 2 person wch i have to take will be full amount. i actually redeemed goa water sport activity in feb wch was fully free offer for two person. so i need to pay nothi
I also want to know this.
Is it really works. like credit is for single person. is it compulsory to take a partner for double sharing. and another person is including in package or not. or we have to pay for him or her?
Yes i redeemed last month 2 times.
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For example if Manali trip is like Manali trip is 4k something for you that means if you are going with some1 then this cost and your friend need to pay 5700 something. But if you are going alone then no discount will be there.
In my Imagica vouchers i voucher if for one person . In trip which you are talking about if some1 is going with you then trip cost will be reduce as like you will get More discount.
So how did you do that?? Is it mandatory to take some1 with us and pay for that person?
Are you talking about Trips? I redeemed for Merchandise and Imagica Vouchers only And for double sharing you can go solo or if you are going with partner then you need pay less amount and your partner have to pay some more amount for that.
Can you tell me about double sharing . is it compulsory to take partner. and partner is included in package or we have to pay for them