Hills are also suffering, it also lacks medical facilities. So, if you're planning to go just make sure you're healthy and I believe a covid negative report is also required since a week ago the char dham yatra was suspended.
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Only if you have a Himachal id and you're going home, else you need to have a advanced hotel booking. Things might change depending on the city or the people who will check at borders, they might let u go or not.. depends on them. Can't say clearly,
Thanks for the information. Did you mean after negative covid report I can enter and travel in Himachal?
Hi there, Before I Start I would like you know that Uttarakhand and Himachal both require a Negative Covid Report. You can travel either of the state depending upon the budget and time that you have for this trip. Some of the things that you need to take care of are that make sure you have advance Hotel Bookings and a Covid negative report to show at the borders and at the hotels. Also Avoid Public Transport and try to travel with your own vehicle. There are Lot of Places in Uttarakhand and Himachal at the moment that you can visit like: 1. Kasar Devi, Almora ( Uttarakhand ) 2. Narkanda (Himachal) 3. Chakrata ( Uttarakhand ) 4. Chail ( Himachal ) 5. Chaupal (Himachal) Please note that Above Given recommendations are mostly off beat places in both the states and every place has it's own uniqueness. Therefore It completely depends upon your choice on which place on these states would be suitable for you. I Hope this helps.
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Currently Borders are closed
One should not go out of the house