Hi Aniruddha, Here are some budget stays in Harihareshwar with approximate pricing: Stayvelle INN - Price: ₹1,423 per night. MTDC Resort - Harihareshwar - Price: ₹2,576 per night. Jain's Homestay - Price: ₹1,680 per night. Swaraj exotica the nature resort - Price: ₹1,211 per night. Beach Symphony Resort - Price: ₹2,289 per night.
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Thank you so much 😊
For budget stays in Harihareshwar, consider guesthouses and homestays for an authentic local experience. Online platforms like Airbnb offer a range of affordable options. Visit during off-peak seasons for lower prices and explore weekdays for potential discounts. Prioritize accommodations with positive reviews for a reliable experience. Contact local tourism offices for recommendations or special deals. Flexibility in travel dates can open up more budget-friendly choices. Ask about group booking discounts if traveling with others. Lastly, seek local recommendations from residents or fellow travelers for hidden gems that combine affordability with comfort in Harihareshwar.