Hi Puneet! Here are some beginner level treks in and around Kasol you and your group are sure to enjoy! 1. Tosh 2. Rasol 3. Malana 4. Rudranag 5. Sar Pass Trek 6. Malana 7. Chalal Here are some budget friendly stays you can check out:
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Thanks akanksha. Trek suggestion looks good , although stays seem to be a bit on the higher side of my budget
Kheer ganga trek from kasol...
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Hopely, I don't think there is any trek nearby Kasol where one can get higher temperature than -10
Bro that is -13 at night. Won't survive.
We are two can we join you from Delhi to manali
Hi Puneet, during this time you will encounter snow up there. So this might not be the best time to go for Kheerganga trek. However you can go to Malana, chal and tosh. If you want to explore a less crowded place, do check out Pulga. It offers staying options and a little bit of trek with mesmerizing view.
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You can go to twang bike trip