Yes, its a blog site. You can always write anything on new places and visited ones
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I don't see why you can't post if you have researched and can storytell/plan it. Although, it's more personalized and easier if you have actually visited :)
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That's true...but i want to know users are already posting such stories! reason I'm enquiring is because harldy few trips old and aim to expand my travel writing.
Yes Sanghavi such things can happen. But those articles written without experience won't get that expose . Coming to tripoto points , they cannot be used at once . So there is no big point in writing bluff content here.However some may be there who do this. Some times real people do write just like that without all experiences too.
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I agree Zup! thanks for rhe reply.
Yes you can any blogs related to travel
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Thank you Jagrut!.
Hi Viral, Most Tripoto users write experiences from places that they have travelled to. However, Tripoto also has expert travellers who often research about places and offer you a complete guide for a destination.
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Hello Saumiabee, thank you for sharing the insight.