For Gujarat make your base Ahmedabad. There are number of Travel operatots in Ahmedabad which help you to plan Gujarat Tour
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Yes i know sir but i need budget friendly operators who can give maximum lowest budget with maximum tour service
You can check with Make My Trip and Yatra for they have lot of budget packages.
I will tell you what I do, I never go with single operator but combination of that incase the agency is entire trip wouldn't get affected.Also you can optimize the price by bargaining with various operators. I suggest go through any of the itinerary for Gujrat in internet or so a bit of research, you will know what you want to see. Then ask for quotations through various agencies. can split 7 days with say 2 days each place and take the operator who gives best budget for those days. Tripto, MMT, yatra, travel triangle are global ones but there would be some regional popular travel agencies too. Also, if you are going during festive times, there might be some packages, from Gujrat Tourism too. Gujrat has many airports, so check which is the cheapest flight but I guess best connectivity will be ahemdabad. The entire state has good road connectivity between various places. Hence you can even book a car from pt 1 to pt 2 then pt 2 to pt 3..and soon Few of my recommendations will be: 1. Polo forest 2.Akshardham with water show 3.Runn Utsav 4.chattedi 5. Gir bonus: Mt Abu is drive away from Ahmedabad. There are good railway connectivity also. Incase u are interested.
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Thanks for ur all suggestions madam but i want to know very genuine tour operators