Mid oct time is really a good time to travel to manali as well as spiti. You may experience snowfall as well. I can suggest you that going to spiti valley via manali. From manali you need to hire taxi or other services(or you can get a permit for your own vehicle @ Rs550 per vehice but I'll suggest you hire a taxi ) to go to spiti valley as you need to cover up a check post near rohtang for going futher. Manali is a beautiful tourist place to enjoy and spend your valuable time. You can visit famous attractions like rohtang pass and solang valley for various snow adventure activities like skiing, ski ride tyre drop, snow scooter, sledge ride, mountain biking. Equipments are available on rent. Enjoy making igloos.You can stay at hotels or hostels like Madpackers or zostel manali(500 per person) . They provide good quality budget rooms and bunk beds also for group of people including meals (breakfast or dinner). You can visit other attractions like hidimba devi temple, vashisht hot spring. Kullu on the way to manali is also a well known tourist place. You can see the beas river. Other places you can visit before manali on the way are kasol kheerganga manikarn. Then finally you can go towards spiti valley through manali leh higway. I am suggesting you to go via manali because the main reason behind it is the road trip from manali to spiti is really wonderful and you can enjoy the full of it by renting a bike (if you are well experienced biker then only) and adoring the beautiful hills and the view. Its much easy if you go from shimla to spiti via manali leh highway rather than the alternative route you are trying to go(google your alternative routes and have a look you will understand) . For spiti valley for a better experience I will suggest you can hire a 4X4 open gypsy - 8 seater (it will cost around 5000 per day) from manali. Now about spiti valley. As you may be well known about the place that it is magical and mysterious. This place is really really beautiful. Mostly it is famous for the ancient monasteries like key, tabo, lahlung monastery (for which it is called magical or mysterious) . You can visit these lakes suraj tal lake, chandra tal lake, dhankar lake. You can go camping, bonfire, slow music, dancing and other activities. There are various things to explore and to know about this mystorical place.There you go with a short itenary for the trip.Collect more information and make your trip more adventurous. There are lot of more things you can add or you can do. All the best.
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Your welcome :D
Thank you for the tips ayush
Hello! I just did my Spiti expedition in July 19. October is a good time to do it as well. You will come across winter and should pack accordingly. I suggest you start from the shimla, narkanda route, reach kaza and then cross Kunzum to reach Manali. This will also save you the time and trouble of getting permit from manali side to cross Rohtang pass. As you don't need it when coming from Kunzum. Himachal roadways are an apt choice or you can hire a cab at Shimla or Chandigarh itself. You can see my journey on Insta @roameoroameo and ask any questions. Cheers!
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Cheers Rahul!
Thanks for the information Roameo!
First of all in oct. you can not go through manali side because rohtang pass will get close in oct you can only visit through shimla side. I in my perpective visiting spiti through shimla side is far better as You can visit chitkul i.e last village of India, Gue mummy, tabo monestry. You can get a Bus for spiti. You can find maps online that will help you. Secondly I suggest you to plan for 7,8 days If you really want to explore Spiti. I highly recommend chitkul , rekong peo, kalpa , tabo monestry, nako monestry. Hire a taxi if you want to explore more. Hotels are very cheap. Do not stay in Shimla they charge alot for rooms perphaps stay in rampur.
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You are always welcome.
You are always welcome.
Thanks for the tips abhinav...
Hi Rahul, Traveling to Spiti valley by Public transport is a great choice for people traveling on a limited budget. HRTC runs regular buses to and within Spiti valley that you can use to move between towns easily and comfortably. These are all ordinary buses but comfortable enough for a few hours of journey. Fare for these buses too is very reasonable since they get used mostly by locals and villagers. As a matter of fact, traveling by buses and shared taxis, you will easily be able to wrap up your Spiti trip in a budget of 10 to 12k at most. Spiti Valley Bus Schedule Below is the bus schedule that is mentioned in the image above in Hindi. Kaza to Kullu Bus – 5:00 AM Chango to Kaza Bus – 6:00 AM Kaza to Shimla Bus – 7:30 AM Mud Village to Kaza Bus – 6:00 AM Komik to Kaza Bus – 7:30 AM Chicham to Kaza Bus – 8:00 AM Kaza to Chango Bus – 2:30 PM Lhalung to Kaza Bus – 7:30 AM Kaza to Mud Village Bus – 4:00 PM Kaza to Losar Bus – 4:30 PM Losar to Kaza Bus – 7:00 AM Kaza to Komik Bus – 5:00 PM Kaza to Demul Bus – 5:00 PM Demul to Kaza Bus – 7:30 AM Kaza to Chicham Bus – 5:00 PM Kaza to Lhalung Bus – 5:15 PM Schedule of other Buses that can be helpful for tourists. Shimla to Kaza Bus There is a Bus from Shimla that leaves for Kaza at 6:30 PM. This Bus is a direct Bus from Shimla to Kaza. It travels all night and reaches Reckong Peo something at 4:20 AM. At Peo, the conductor would ask the passengers for for anyone who wants to continue traveling to Kaza and give out tickets to whoever is continuing and assings a seat number as well. The Bus here may or may not change but the driver and conductor definitely will. At 5:30 AM, this bus would again start from Reckong Peo for Kaza with new passngers who boarded from Peo. It arrives at Kaza sometime in the evening at around 5 PM. Below is a breakdown of fares per person. Delhi to Shimla: Rs. 420 Shimla to Reckong Peo: Rs. 436 Reckong Peo to Tabo: Rs. 312 Tabo to Kaza: Rs. 88 Shimla to Spiti Valley Bus There is a daily Bus service from Shimla to Kaza that leaves Shimla Bus stand at 5 AM. This bus completes the entire journey in 2 days with a night halt at Reckong Peo. It starts from Shimla in the morning and reaches Peo by late afternoon. From Peo, it then starts in the morning at 7 again and reaches Kaza by late afternoon. This is the Bus that you would really want to rely upon for your entire Spiti trip. It runs through the entire Kinnaur and Spiti valley before finally making it to Kaza. You can board it from Shimla and get down at the town of your choice. From that town then, you can board the same bus next day at the same time for your next destination. For example, if you wanted to visit Narkanda, then board this bus from Shimla at 6 and it will drop you at Narkanda at 10 AM. The next day, wait for this Bus to arrive and board again at 10 AM for your next destination. Let us say for example that you wanted to go to Sarahan next. So board the bus from Narkanda at 10 AM and it will drop you at Jeori at about 1 PM. From Jeori then, take a shared cab to Sarahan and spend the night. The next day, be back at Jeori at 1 PM to board this Bus again for your next destination which in all probability would be (and should be) Reckong Peo. I have attached an itinerary for you to experience the best of Spiti valley curated by travelers on Tripoto. Please check it out below
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Thank you mohit!! I guess this is what I really needed.