Book your flights seperately for Mumbai -Delhi and then further from Delhi-Leh that will be cheaper option.. if your plan is confirm book it now else max till mid Feb 2020
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Hi Neeti, search on more thing is there is a trick to find cheaper flight deals which i use generally ..PM me i will explain
Thank you Kiran. do you know which website offers cheapest flights?
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Thank you!
I agree with suggestion from kiran however i guess indigo and spicejet normally come with offers in jan month as well
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Oh, thank you! I will keep a look on that then
If you really love travelling... i suggest you to take a bus ride/shared taxis instead of flights to Leh. May is the time mostly the roads to Leh gets opened and it will be truly beautiful to travel seeing the snow caped mountains. If you are solo you will find lot of groups travelling either from Manali or from Srinagar and you may join them as well. Just a suggestion 😊
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That's awesome! thank you so much for the help :)
Oh okay. If your stay options are not booked and all. Consider Khan Manzil guest house. Zaheer bhai the owner is by far the best person I met in my trips to Leh and he knows inside and out and often his Taxi rates are by far the best i have come across anytime. Take my reference you will get even be
I would prefer public transport anyday. but I'm traveling with family so we decided on taking a flight to Leh here you can see the flight for the whole month.
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Great! thank you:)
Hi Neeti. You should book your flights as soon as you finalize your plan, latest by February end as after that, ticket prices will skyrocket and you may have difficulty getting a flight of your choice. For offers and discounts, you can keep a lookout on sites such as skyscanner, goibibo, travelocity etc. Happy Travelling!