Hi Manoj, Cheers!!!! You are planning for a solo trip. Goa is a place you can set your eyes on. I was teary eyes as soon as I boarded the plane back for my hometown. You are lucky that it would be off season in Goa, so prices of the hotels, hostels and other things would be definitely low. Balaji Calangute Resort can be one of the choices if you want to stay near the beach. I would also suggest you to dig on AirBnB stays as that can surely help you. Advice: Take sunscreen SPF 50+ with you. Try to avoid high tide areas. If you are sensitive towards tan then avoid having fun in the beach during daytime as the sun rays fall direct on the skin causing sun tan and sometimes dry, flaky skin due to combination of saline water of the sea. Carry water bottle with you as water is costly in Goa. Try to bargain for the shacks as they can be provided for Rs100. Never ever face your back towards the sea as you do not know the speed of tides coming. Rest enjoy GOAAAAA. Have a safe trip!!!
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Thanks, Shaliza, Looking after the weather condition I rescheudled my trip and now booked my tickets in December 1st week. for 6days. thanks for the tips.
July-Aug is off season in Goa, so rooms in Goa are cheaper during this time. You can try for OYO rooms in North Goa (near Candolim or Baga). In season time also, OYO offers decent rooms in North Goa at a very minimal price and during monsoon time, it will be much cheaper.
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Thanks Nayana
You would get many cheap hotels and resort in monsoon as its kind of off season. In south goa less crowd is there so try south goa if you have not explored.check out the link.
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Hey Manoj, if you are planning a solo trip to Goa then hostels will be a great option for stay! I am sharing few options below, it is economical and also fun to meet new people.
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Please check here based on your budget
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July-Aug is rainy season.You may get hotels with off season tariff. Carithas Holiday Home in Panaji is a good option.[Walk along the road opposite to Kala Academy,Near Campel] Happy journey.
You can get cheap accommodation at Zostel and