How are you planning to commute?
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Before I visited Indonesia 7 days because it's visa free for Indians for 30 day .but Prague is visa required that's why I am asking here to everyone Prague is one of my favourite country what's yours
Including airfare and visa , even with a hostel kind of accommodation you will need around 80-90 thousand for 6-7 days.
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It depends upon alot of factors, 1. when are you planning to travel because it varies the flight costs. 2. If you really restraint yourself in terms of accommodation (maybe try couch surfing and budget hostels) and in terms of food. 3. Try and visit more free places You just might be able to manage it all in that budget.
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Is it including flight tickets because it's difficult to manage a Europe visit per person in this range including flight tickets for such long duration. Just plan a rough itinerary with all the expected expenses like flight ticket, hotels, visa, food etc you will get a estimated budget from that. thanks
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It’s completely fine if you stay in rental homes with Airbnb or Ved and breakfast. You can buy groceries and make your breakfast. Try to use public transportation. Also you can put up in hostels.
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Considering the flight tickets, visa, stay and sightseeing, I think it may be difficult to cover Prague in 70 thousand. I think you will need around 90,000 for 7 days for a standard itinerary.
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With flight or without?
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With flight is possible ?
Yes if you had book 3 star hotel
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Thanks for the information
I am solo traveler