Hi Ronald! The best time to visit Perth is from September to November. December through February constitute the summer months in Perth and so, the heat it scorching during this time. Here is a list of the best places to visit in Perth: 1. Kings Park and Botanic Garden 2. Fremantle Prison 3. AQWA The Aquarium Of Western Australia 4. Bibbulmun Track 5. Penguin Islands Here are also some travel tips you might find useful: 1. Keep a note of the emergency numbers 2. When travelling to remote areas, carry basic medication, water and a first aid kit. 3. Avoid hitchhiking, specially alone. 4. Australia sees a lot of cyclones, specially from November to April. Make sure you're updated on all the safety guidelines of the country. 5. Make sure to keep your important documents like passport,visa etc. on you at all times, but safe and out of sight. Check out these trips for more information! Happy Travelling!