First of all, I would like to say that your project seems an eyeopening one. There has been a little known about rural tourism and I am glad that it is also getting relevance these days. I believe your questions must be based more upon there perspective about how the people there think about rural tourism and how it is becoming a part and parcel of their life? Secondly How is urban tourism influencing their lives? How many people are actually aware about this segment of tourism? You gonna dig deep towards there point of view and be vigilant enough I am sure you gonna enjoy your project. Best of luck!
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Thank you ❤️.
Keep your questionnaire based on their way of living and the facilities provided to them
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Ask couple of questions on the short term vs long term impact on rural villages part of eco tourism initiatives. Questions around taxation and public policy etc
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Please do ask them about their survival in snow days... I am sure you will get to know lot of stories from them...