May be you can follow this: Start with Rishikesh, Dehradun, Mussorie and then Rudraprayag.
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Follow The route like Haridwar, then 25kms go to Rishikesh, After that around 55 kms Dehradun and Atlast Massoorie.
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Hi Aniket. Start from Rishikesh, head to Dehradun and then Mussoorie. See if you can visit Landour (about 6 km from Mussoorie - I had walked up all the way to Landour and back when I was in Mussoorie, it's a lovely walk). I'd say include Dhanaulti if possible (about 35 km Dehradun) and then go to Rudraprayag. Also, keep at least one buffer day in case you love any of these places and want to spend some more time, you easily can.
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Start from rishikesh(2nights)-> rudraprayag(2 nights)-> dehradun (1night) -> mussorie(1night).. in everywhere u will get local buses.
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