Probebly i know to sort out this issue. Firstly,never add much content,photo at one time when using laptop and never edit from both laptop,mobile at same time. Writing trip through laptop is tidious job.You will have to put location and day very properly with content,photo and if you doesnot save the job frequently than it will be a mess at the end. Now you do one thing.Logout from both laptop and mobile.Try opening this site after few hours and edit your content from mobile. If it works,then kindly give a like such that other can also use this tricks. Take care.
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I agree with flying wings comment here... Helped me as well..
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If you are using it from iphone than use the web page application have certain problems sometimes
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Make a write all the captions in word then use it on tripoto so you don’t have to rewrite everytime
No, mostly I use the web otherwise I am an Android user. I keep switching between my phone and the laptop for convenience because tbh there is some major glitch with the uploading and all here. However, I had to rewrite all the 10 captions to complete my photo blog, couldn't find any other way out.