I will share the route to Spiti from Srinagar. If you take Pulwama route via Kishtwar Sissu kibber you reach Spiti valley by 17 hours drive. It’s better to take a break at Sissu and restart your journey next day. From Spiti Chitkul is 14 hours away. You could take a break at jibhi or at Kullu. Before November end if you could plan the trip you would not only enjoy riding but the weather is great. Snow starts by December.
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It will take you approximately a little over 19 hours to reach Chitkul & the distance is around 749.9 km!! The best route would be via NH 44 & NH 5!! The best months to visit Chitkul Valley are March, April & May!! Happy journey 🙌
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Hello Diya is this route goes via Shimla