Hey Shakti, Places to visit in Hampi : 1) Vijaya Vittala Temple 2) Hanuman Temple 3) Matanga hill - 30 minutes trek- Sunset View 4) Daroji Bear Sanctuary 5) Riverside Ruins 6) Queen's Bath 7) Pushkarani 8) Lotus Mahal 9) Virupaksha Temple Happy travelling!!!!!
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Thanks for the list. U r awesome.
Some of the best places are Vithala temple, Virupaksha temple, Matanga hills, Elephants stables, Stone Chariot,Hampi baar. You get auto ,taxi to roam inside the city but they charge little more but transport is good. If you have your own conveyance then you are good to go.Take a guide with you , they explain it really good and you enjoy the heritage much more. And yes 2 days are enough
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Thanks a ton.
Two days is more than enough for Hampi... Happy travelling :)
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Thanks a lot. I m relieved.
Two days will be sufficient to cover Hampi. You should see Sri Krishna Temple, Virupaksh Temple, etc. You can check out the Hippie Island as well.
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Amazing. thank u so much.
Hey! 2 days is more than enough to cover the major places in Hampi. Virupaksha Temple is the main highlight and the Stone Chariot. There's a sunset point and with the help of locals you could trek till there. Go over to the Hippie Island across Tungabhadra river for relaxed vibes and gorging on delicious food.
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U guys are awesome. Thanks
Hi Shakti, Virupaksha Temple, Hampi Matanga Hill Vijaya Vittala Temple Hampi Archeological Ruins Happy Travelling!
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Hi Shakti, I have attached with this comment a destination guide for Hampi. It contains trips, itineraries and places to visit in Hampi. You can go through it and plan your trip.
Two days is barely enough to see Hampi. Personally I think 3/4 days is the best ... that way you can see all the temples and monuments in Hampi as well as explore the hippe side of Hampi. You can my travel art and story here
Https:// days depends on time and experiences you want to get in hampi.
Hi, two days are enough to explore the major tourist spots in Hampi. Check out this itenary to know all the places you must visit.
Hello Shakti, Please check this This may help you