Hey ensure that you use original photos. try to follow a format of uploading pictures in between the article and not just end of it also try to add location along with the picture use good quality pictures if you are writing a trip then you should fill in the trip start date after all this the tripoto community will review it content and reward you credits for trip : upto 75 credits for photoblog : upto 50 credits if you still have any issue you can mail at thankyou
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Plz tell me how to tackle with this issue
Bro I am uploading the pics and I am writing up the things of this place but still I am not getting the credits though my pics are good quality but when I am uploading in tripoto the quality of photo is going down
Yea i am also getting same kind of problem
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1. Refer friends to Tripoto. 2. Write travel stories, put pictures in it too. This can earn you up to 100 credits. 3. Photo blogs - If you are not a writer, just post a bunch of quality pics of you trip. Photo blogs dont earn you as many credits as travel story. 4. Be active on the forum. Follow others and make them follow you. End of the day, its Tripoto who decides the credit you earn. Keep doing the good work and make it better with every story/blog.
You can earn max 75 per blog or trip. Your content should good and photo quality must be high .
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No.not kind of ..its cant be dull after upload if they are from good quality camera . You can write mail if still facing issue to
I don't know what to do
My photos are good but after uploading in in this app it's get dull
Hey, tripoto ask for original pics and content.
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Just to let you know bro I am uploading a real pics only
How to earn credits? Publish your travel content on Tripoto:- You can earn Tripoto credits by writing genuine, high quality content that is useful for a large number of travelers. For each content contribution you get up to 100 points, and the points are usually credited to your profile within two working days. The points are decided based on feedback from our editorial team and our internal quality score algorithm. Our editorial team and the algorithm, collectively, use the following parameters to score your content: Originality:- The content should not be plagiarized from any other source. This includes everything - text, photographs, and videos. Quality of photographs, videos, text:- The photographs and videos should ideally be of good resolution and should tell a story about the destination in question. The text should ideally be written with decent grammar, should be helpful to fellow travelers while planning a future trip, and should be easily comprehensible by everyone. Accuracy of your content:- The content MUST be factually correct. Structuring of your content:- There are several data bites that you will be expected to fill up while sharing your itinerary. These include: Location tags, Start Date, Trip Duration, Trip Cost, and Day tags. If you fill up all of them, it will be extremely helpful to the future readers to plan their trips.