Hi Siva, in public transport you can not stop at will and explore places, recommended motorbike expedition and going with some like-minded people. I have attached with this comment few packages for you, you can click on them to find more details about them. If you want to talk to someone about the packages simply fill in your details in the form and you will receive a call.
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Thank you Rohit
If you are a bike person definitely try this adventurous roads of himachal by road on your bike... But trust me I have been to all over himachal by 21 days in summer by public transport only which was real connect with locals their culture so many new people I met... it's a true experience being out of your comfort zone... so if you usually go on bike rides try public transport for a change... bydway himachal public transport is the best public transport in India... I salute to all hrtc drivers.
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Thank you for sharing your views. That is reassuring ! If you do not mind sharing your 21 day epic plan, that may help me plan mine...cheers
May be motorbike expenditure will be greater but the experience u will.make with moterbike is extreme dude
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Truly appreciate your view Nirmit. I am very keen to find a few like minded travelers/backpackers for this himalayan ramble. I am open to joining a small self motivated group who are planning to do this in future...Any references or links you have may be helpful. Cheers
Motorbike anytime
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Tku ):-