Hey Vinay, Answering your question now... So visit Kaziranga first and then go ahead to majuli island... Kaziranga is famous for one horn rhinoceros and there are two ways to spot them in the park. One would be to take an elephant safari early morning at 4.30 and the other would be through a Jeep Safari ... I would suggest you to take how chance with both of them as if you are unlucky in your first attempt to spot wild animals you will for sure spot them in second ... Majuli being the biggest rivet island in the world.. don't forget to get a splendid sun set view and also the moon rise here... watch a lot of birds those migrate through the island... Don't miss to stay in a bamboo hit on the river shore.... stay in kamalabari for a good stay and access to all places in island ... Lastly if possible see the raas mahotsav which is a must do thing in majuli ... then go to bondila and Visit bomdila Monastery .. lower gompa bomdila , bomdila view point and other places .... then go for ziro for a day to visit all the valleys and grasslands .... after ziro go to Tawang and look out for bhalukpong, sela pass , Tawang Monastery, Tawang war memorial, Tawang war museum.... Hope the information helps you to plan your itinerary .. Happy Travelling !!!
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Hey Vinay, As you will drive or ride through other parts you will obviously know the status of roads to Tawang by that time ... so you can plan accordingly ... if Tawang is closed then you can head to meghalaya also to witness 200 year old natural bridge and noklihalai water falls also ....
Thank you for the detailed answer Anil. One question. Is Tawang open during winter season? i.e, during last week of december. I have heard chances of road blocks are very high.
Hi Vinay, you should begin your journey form Shillong. You can fly to Shillong. From Shillong you must head on to discover the places like Cherrapunji adn Mawsynram. Exploring these places will consume 3-4 day day. After that you should move towards Bomdila, which is going to take a day and then another day to explore the place. Last two days you can keep for Ziro and Majuli. Your destinations are quite distant and it will take 7-8 hours to travel from one place to another.
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