Try to create a Face Book page for your travel agency You can also popularise your agency by putting stalls in Travel Fair or the events associated with females.
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Thanks yar but we already have an social media , stall on travel fare we can do but where this travel fare are conducted , need all this info.
Present good packages and give discounts also create a Facebook page and group
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Hi you can run a online campaign and provide discounts on the trips designed for the women travelers. you can also sponsor some trending travel bloggers with the trip to get started in that case
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Thats sounds great .thank you , can you please tell me how to do that
Create a group of women on FB and Whatsapp, Share your trip itinerary and details et:c. perks for sharing their feedback :), add the idea of taking references of women solo traveler from existing Create Forums to discuss on the trips you have for women solo traveller
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You need to create a database first, try to run a campaign for women travelers on website or FB. Then reach out to them via mail . Initially try to engage women travelers in Ahmadabad by hosting local events . Try using FB creating such events and ask women solo travelers to join you. You can organize such event in any cafe, co working spaces.
Thank you but we firstly need womens specifically from ahmedabad and other parts of gujarat .so thats why otherwise we are having other travelers from other cities already
Present them a good package and provide a discount on campaigns. Post facebook ads .
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Hi, firstly many people don't consider Ahmedabad as a tourist destination. Most people that I see around me go there to visit their family, extended family, maybe weddings and work. I think you should firstly present Ahmedabad as a place for tourist destination. Check if it's women friendly, promote that as your USP. Visual aid is a must, present some real time pictures, adventures if you are creating an FB page or a hastag on Instagram, etc. Create awareness by posting continuously to create excitement, don't over do or under do it. Make a short video about the itinerary that u wish to offer, create surveys, play some contest around it.
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