Hi Naseeb! The minimum budge required would be INR 1,000 per day. On average, travellers have spent Rs. 300 on meals and Rs. 100 on transportation per day. Here are some budget accommodations you can check out in Varanasi: 1. Alka Hotel 2. Lake View Hostel 3. Zostel Varanasi 4. Hog Hostel Varanasi 5. Moustache Hostel Varanasi You can also check out these trips for more information on travelling to Varanasi on a budget. Happy Travelling!
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Hi, where are u traveling from? what is your approx budget?
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I am traveling from Asansol, West Bengal. My budget is Max 5k
In Varansi you did not have to worry about budget... It;s already a budget friendly City.
There are number of hotels near Dasashwamedh ghat for budget travel