Hey Etcfun, I am sure you can carry gimbal on flights. You can wrap it up in its case neatly and see that you carry it along with your hand baggage. A bag case with a nice compartment that can hold your normal essentials you need to carry can suffice the need. Usually no flight staff or attendant will ask you to weigh it. Never log it into check in luggage, as I guess you are aware of bag throwers .... Happy Vlogging and Travelling bro !!!
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Yes, you can carry along your gimbal with you in hand baggage. While air-travel, I have always been carrying my GoPro gimbal in my backpack inside the headover cabin.
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I carried in luggage bag mistakenly from bengaluru airport to kolkata,now they will open and take out the gimble and swnd me the bag ,i need to know how can i get my gimble back
Yes. it is allowed
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