This credit have no use what i understand in one yr. only 10% off in selected trip whose price are already high by 25%. big joke 😂
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I was already thinking in that direction, there has to be a catch here 🤣🤣😂
1 Credit equals 4 INR. You can book packages from Tripoto and use them.
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You can use these credits in a trip booked with tripoto and you can get a discount on the basis of credits you have.
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You can use credits for Tripoto trips packages which they provide and by using credits the packages costs lil less. for example if tripoto is Providing trip to leh for 10 k per person, by using credits you might it get for 8 k or something that's how you use credits. Kindly go to the tour and packages section of tripoto.
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That's really helpful, thanks
No one mostly used as price is quite high and just get few discount .tripoto is just useful to make itineraries and connected to travel buddies.
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For discounts
Credits can use for trips sponsored in tripoto but these trips are with high rates n can use some credits...