Wait. you will receive credits. If any of you post is not qualified for credits , u will receive a mail to make some changes.
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Wait... it will take 2-3 days. If not received after 3 days then check ur mail.
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Photo blogs usually don't get much credits max 20-30. Please create trips and write and post pics..I am also new here and I have only published 3 trips and a. photoblog and have got good credits for them. You can have a look at them for your reference
upvoteUpvote (2)messageComment need to wait for 2-3 days..... If you still face any problems, please drop an email to
Dear fellow traveler, sometimes it take a little more time 3-5 day to get your credits. Tripoto will send you an e-mail when your trip/photo blog get published on tripoto and tells you about how much credits you awarded for it.