Do it. Its easy. I have seen 65-70 yrs people trekking here to almighty. keep plan this year,it will surely open once.
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Lets hope for the best, thanks
Trek is fun buddy
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Yes it's a beginners trek from easy to moderate
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You can do it easily but wait for somedays because corona is not finished till now. trekking towards Kedarkanth is amazing and it can be done by non trekkers also.
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Thank you Rahul for your suggestion.
Do some exercise, but good trekking shoes, take you thermals but only wear them during night, take good torches, hire a local to guide you for navigation, do try local food, try making new friends with locals...And dont use more phone, just observe and embrace the beautiful and magnificent mountains
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This is very helpful information. Thanks Megha
You can do it. Just don't rush to climb and move slowly.
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Thank u Sahil
No need to cancel if covid situation is under control till that time..As of I know, Kedarnath is very basic trek and no special trek experience require.Since you will be covering this aprx 16 km trek by walk(if u'r nt hiring horses) make sure you practice walking or running to build stamina.
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Thanks Omkar, how long does it take in average to cover 16km?
Go for it... it's ok to be 1st trekking think you will get great memory for 1st time trekking.. just keep precautions watch videos related kedarnath so you will get proper instructions
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Yes i have already started seeing them, thank u
Relax, trekking is very much fun!! although being a traveller u will be doing many things for first time!!
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Absolutely my friend