Bali, Indonesia It is! You find Very beautiful beaches, art crafted temples and the Food. The food there was awesome. You can go Bali with any travel groups or alone, you wont regret it! Happy travelling!
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Thank you. I am planning the same. But looking for even more places nearby to cover them. :)
Hi Ragi, Bhutan is quite a good option in May. You get Permit on Arrival to Visit places like Thimpu, Paro and Punakha which comprise the western and central part of Bhutan. I have been there last week and believe me it is quite refreshing. P.S. The package in Bhutan has to be done through a local vendor only. In case you approach any of the Indian tour operators, they will have their ties with a Bhutanese Vendor. Message me if you need further details
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Thank you so much for the info I will let you know! :)
What is your may visit thailand or singapore if low budget Else europe
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Europe will be perfect destination..opt for swiss tours and enjoy the getaway!!
Thanks for the info. I am actually going with family no specifications regarding the budget. We just want to have good time all together :)
7 days to plan for Europe trip are little less time. You may go to countries where it's Visa free or Visa in on Arrival like, Mauritius, Bali, Thailand or Maldives. If plan to go to Maldives, you may check my Videos on Youtube
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Bali is pretty good, I have yet not been to. But planning to visit Bali soon.
Yes sir. True I am checking over places which are visa free, visa on arrival. Thinking to go to Bali but need a perfect plan to cover all the places.
Hi, I have attached with this comment few options for you, you can click on them to find more details about them. If you want to talk to someone about the packages simply fill in your details in the form and you will receive a call.
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Malaysia Singapore Bali
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Bali Bhutan Thailand
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In such short notice, go for Indonesia/Thailand as visa on arrival option is available
Brother you can go to bali,dubai,uk,swizerland, one of my fav place greece,spain,turkey,germany