I got something a years ago before i left community. it is a paid service & you will have to pay for it.
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Provide what they have asked for. may be something good is coming
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Very good is coming, and here we are dying for that mail
Its an auto revert from them when you don't use tripoto for a while... They insist you to write more and more.
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I dont think so i use it regularly and upload stuffs.even then why asking for phone number and insta id
Might be they want to share your posts and stories on instagram
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Thanks 😊
Hope so. hey ur pictures and posts are superb 😍😍
No, it is not paid service. Tripoto just want you to share your story and for that they will credit some points.
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But i already got points. why will they ask phone number and insta id for credit points
Not completely sure
Share ur insta id to them don't share ur number
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Oops.. Keep us posted
I actually shared both earlier. πŸ™„ dont know what will happen now
I got the same email today, want to know what is the process and how did you proceed with it??