Do we need helmet?
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Which shoe is best for trekking after rainfall in hills?
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Always avoid going on trek in rainy seasons. Because of landslide. Any other query?
What will be the difference when i trek with my girlfriend or alone?
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I guess sex.
Best possible attire for trekking?
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I will mention it. Basically it depends on where you are going.
What to do when things go extreme on a trek?
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Think about the time, when you had decided to do that. You are the one who can make your decision right. Just keep motivating yourself. All you need is one thing, " Be mentally strong".
Mostly asked "things to carry during trekking, clothes & other belongings "
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Another one " Selecting type of trek & suitable season"
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My personal experience ... always put pure alcohol and some pain killer medicines ... sometimes snakes population is present during pathways of Trek...
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Yes. Many times
What should be the packing essentials for a trekking trip?
Will surely view it 😃
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Atleast question padh liya kariye. Credits ke chakkar me kuch bhi comment kiye pade hai log.