Where there is less crowd. try some remote mountain village.
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Yeah that would be better
In those months, Goa for beaches and Spiti in mountains
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Beaches in December is better as per me :)
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Just go mountains cuz you can do another activities like trekking, sports and many more with snowfall ...but in beaches you can't
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Beaches having their own activities.. you can't compare them with each other.. these are your own interests...
You can explore GOA in Nov- Dec, it's a seasonal period there due to new year and all.. and many more activities to explore at that time like speed boat and banana boat rides, paragliding, waterskiing, water scooters, boogie boarding, dinghy sailing, wind surfing, kayaking, scuba diving, snorkeling, and more. There is cruising, and fishing too.
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Both places are good to go in that mentioned time. But You won't find soft snow at beaches and sparkling sand on hills.
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Maharashtranta is best for mounting and beach
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Loads of places in india. It all depends on where u stay, how far u wanna travel and what is ur budget. Places like goa, gokarna, pondicherry, andamans etc are gud if yo want a beach experience. For Mountains you can visit off beat places like barog,pangot, palampur, chkrata etc.
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Both are good 👍
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Prefect month to visit both 😁
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Sure 😄
Beaches are better in December. pondicherry is also a good option.
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Yes it would be nice
December in goa !! coz it's Christmas ⭐
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That would be amazing
There are a lot of offbeat beaches in Karnataka and Kerala.. For mountains, try Spiti Valley.!
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Yaa I was thinking about gokarna and spiti would be amazing