It is possible,once covid episode ends
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Can i come with you?
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Check with the camps and ppl there if it snowed recently as the trails get blocked when it snows and ppl have to wait..
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Brother to be honest, it's all depends on this Chinese Sh*t.
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Yeah but I'm saying is it accessible during December? Heavy snowfall and all
Even I am planning my 1st himalayan trek to Kedarkantha in December. To know about accessibility, i recommend you to contact trek organiser. They vl guide you.
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Buy good shoes with nice grip, do some exercise and take thermals but only wear them at night...take good jackets, pack minimum but essential items... Dont use more phone, embrace the beauty of magnificent and the most beautiful mountains
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I have been there around and of October couple of years back and it was already pretty cold. And the trail gets pretty slippery if there is fresh snowfall so I would advice you get an idea about the weather before your trip. happy trekking! πŸ™‚
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Do check my post For kheerganga travel. I travelled around June month which was preety favourable. Dec will be also good since it won't snow so early. It will be super cold and no rains. so you can travel . Until and unless by any chance, roads are blocked by snow.
Go for it.. hope pandemic will not interfere
December is a risky time to do kheerganga trek. And please don't try it without guide. The trek is really difficult in winter. The whole path is covered with snow and the paths are slippery.