You can visit dudhsagar falls. They'd be beautiful if you go during monsoons.
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To be honest on my second trip, bored of almost every beach when i decided to go sight seeing to near by places i got super bored. Goa is known for clubs and beaches and shacks so i guess going anywhere else won't be of use if you planning a trip. still wandering in the market i found a travel guide who took us to Dhudhsagar and later ahead in jungles to a small waterfall and pond with ton of fishes in it. Later we were taken to a small garden where there were various different trees and the place was chill! A few more churches and the day came to an end. The experience was good but not great indeed! That guy who got us this package had another which seemed more fun, it was a ride in a boat with fruits and snacks to near by island and then scuba diving so you can try that as well. also the fort there is great near which we also got a chance to see some dolphins which was something new and unexpected in india atleast. Hope it helped Happy Traveling!