Nikon D 5300
Hi Bro.. I can suggest you DSLR camera but I will recommend you buy a Good Mobile.. DSLR things are very technical first click photo then edit but mobile is very easy and better result than DSLR if you are a beginner. still if you want to buy a dslr i suggest you go for Nikon D3500 with Kit Lens...
Thanks Ashish
Saw ur timelapse videos.. Man.. they are so good.. Just wow..
Then buy Nikon D3500.. cheap and best :)
You can use DSLR Canon 1500D as a beginner. Also, you can try one plus phone camera for such good clicks. Thanks.
Thanks sure 👍
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Thanks Shruti.. Appreciate it..
You can try it's potrait mode.. also try using some 3rd party apps like google camera, cameranext mod etc to get last possible quality from device (which is actually good)
Yes , I am using Nikon D5300 as a beginner DSLR. But I would recommend you to go for good camera quality mobile phones. Because, it's pretty comfortable and easier to capture on mobile. with DSLR, you neesd to go through tutorials and understand the features of camera components & then practice it. You can start with mobile photography first & side by side you can go for DSLR.
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You can try Snapseed app for photo editing
It doesn't really matter if you have an expensive camera or not. This comes from a person owning a mirrorless camera and all thr equipment necessary for shooting a film. Some of my photos are taken from a smartphone and some from a camera. DSLR's were a thing of the past. If you don't have the money, invest in a good phone which can take raw pictures. I personally use the Asus Zenfone 5z with the Gcam apk and people aren't able to believe that the photos I took were from a phone. Once you buy a camera, you'll understand that there are different lenses for different types of photos and believe me a good lens would cost you anything above 15k at least. Beginner DSLR's can only be good enough to realise thta you should've waited and invested more. Don't fall for it.
Always happy to help mate.
Thanks Anant for the valuable inputs.. I will surely try..
Just Google Gcam Apk for 6t. download the apk from a trusted website like xda. install it on your phone. take a shot from your stock cam, take the same shot from Gcam and see the color difference for yourself. once you understand the difference, enable the raw support in Gcam settings. take raw photos and keep practicing editing
Hay bro i recommendet you buy good mobile like oneplus or samsung good mobile it is easy for click photo and edit photo . you wanted dslr you buy cannon 1500d camera
Better you buy oneplus and gopro they have better features than beginner dslr and lightweight to carry
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If you don't have budget for DSLR camera you well be normally use MI COMPANY PHONES
I suggest GoPro
Buy a Gopro for beginners..