Pack ur bag ..wear a big smile on ur face is will attract ppl ..make lots of friends 😊
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No Problem! The world is yours and World is ready to Welcome you. just try once. And Always keep in mind- "Whenever you feel lonely start enjoying the company of the most wonderful person on this earth...YOU. so Enjoy the trip with yourself....👍👍👍 Happy Journey!
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It's normal to have the feeling of fear when it comes to traveling, but it's all worth it once you step your foot on the road! Your journey will be filled with ample amount of memories which you'll always tend to cherish! so pack your bag, calm your mind down and start your journey! :")
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I think at some point everyone is scared to travel alone.. but it's just the matter of coming out of your comfort zone. I personally think, traveling solo is the best way to explore new places. you are all by yourself and you can focus really on the journey without any distraction. so if you are passionate about traveling, just pack your bag and get going. I am sure you will love the experience. if you are traveling to a foreign destination solo, then it is recommended that you plan your trip well ahead of time. even within India, I would recommend you to book your stay and travel tickets well before the journey, just to get that confidence to start the journey. Personally, I did a solo journey to Europe this year for the first time and I loved it. surely, it enriched me. so best of luck buddy. if you need any info on any destination, please let me know!!
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If you really love nature so you can travel solo very easily . Most of people afraid to travel solo bcz they feel alone , just create a deep relationship with lovely nature , you never afraid . You should first strat from a plan short trip . Then u elaborate your criteria about travel . Happy travelling .
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