I would suggest that proper planning is essential if you are doing a solo trip. You should know where you are going and how you are doing to get there. Choose any place that is populated with travelers like Thailand or Indonesia. Solo travel is perfectly safe as long as proper planning and precautions are taken.
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Any suggestions for solo trip in India?
Hi. I recently did my first solo trip to UK and Ireland. And it went perfectly well. Heres what I did: What to Keep in Mind>> 1. Plan it thoroughly - you must plan each and every aspect of it - even if you want to keep a day at leisure. Have that planned as well. Where are you going to stay, how are you going to get there - to the airport, then from airport to the hotel everything. Keep time for traveling in account always while giving days to your cities/city. If your going to Europe or I think any where, booking the sight seeing in advance always helps save time. and also help in planning the day better. Study what you want to see and what NOT, basis you interest. 2. Carry enough cash - Although contactless cards work everywhere now, it is good to carry enough currency. and make sure you dont keep all the money you have together in one place. Distribute it. Always have your passport, and ID, hotel vouchers, tickets on your phone. Just in case. 3. Hotel selection - it always makes sense to stay at city centre. 4. Flights - if you have connecting flights, make sure you have enough lay over time. And keep in mind to check the through and through check in luggage and thus the weight (again if its international) 5. Basic essentials: apart from medicines, shades etc etc, keep in mind to carry all important numbers along. If they are in your phone its fine, but having it written is also good Where should the first solo trip be? It depends on what kind of a traveller have you been before and how much have you led or done a transit on your own. If you have been doing this, any international destination closer to India will also be good like Dubai, Thailand, Malaysia, Srilanka, Bhutan. If you are completely a new traveler, and are a little shaky in terms of confidence, within India is better. And, India has extremely beautiful places, without a doubt. Some suggestions on places that you can explore: 1. Kashmir 2. North East - Sikkim, Nagaland any place 3. Kerala 4. Daman and Diu 5. Rann of Kutch and Bhuj 6. Amritsar - Wagha Border 7. Mountains - Dharamshala, Binsar, Mukteshwar, Chakrata 8. Parks - Kanha, Jim Corbett, Gir How safe is it? Safety depends on two factors largely when it comes to travel, solo travel. First and most important is your self. How alert are you. How easily you trust people and how adventurous you want to be. All this counts when it comes to your safety. It is completely in your hands. And by adventurous I mean stay away from things that seem fishy instead of becoming excited to explore it. Secondly, its the place you are choosing. There are many places where law and order is not as much in place. Or where you may find yourself absolutely alone. Safety is purely one's own responsibility, barring natural disasters. Hope this helps. Have a fun time planning and doing the trip :)