Himachal and uttarakhand are good option if you stay around delhi. check it earlier if they are accepting tourist at present.
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Thta's another task to take care. But, Thank you for the info :)
Head for the mountains or North East
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Suggest me something near North East. Never been there.
If you're looking for city travels then surely you can visit Rajasthan, or if you're looking for more adventures then Uttarakhand is your answer but do check respective state policies and guidelines for inter state tourism before visiting.
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Absolutely!! Thank you mate :)
If you are talking about a safe place try meghalaya :)
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Cool, noted. But do you feel it is good to travel long distance post pandemic?
You can visit Sikkim for sure.. they have lockdown as soon as Corona starts spreading, They have closed all touristy things I think till Oct'20. After Oct. you can visit sikkim
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Great!! I'll check it out.
Green zones probably diu
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Diu... Noted. Any in and around places to visit near Diu?
In India if you ask me then I would suggest North East.
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Any specific place in North East?
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I guess you should not visit anywhere in this situation let it be green red or orange zone whatever you don't know whether person is positive or negative stay home stay safe
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Man.... Totally, at one point we feel like stepping out and at another point we feel like let's survive. Wishing you the same :)
Rajasthan would be great as it is Monsoon time. You can also try national parks
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Currently their are but the government may lift them soon
Noted. Aren't there any restriction now?
I think, it's safe for travel to MEGHALAYA & it's best for nature...
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A place where there is 0% cases πŸ˜‰πŸ˜…πŸ€£πŸ˜‚