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Your most welcome )
Thank you bro
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No need..
God Bless Us!!
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Don’t panic with this lockdown its actually beneficial for all as few days back one of my best friends father had corona positive and admitted to private hospital and still treatment is going on he told me his dad’s one week treatment costs them 8-10lac and when they tried to test for them selves at government hospital they rejected to take sample so they went to the private lab and they cost 12000 for one person and 6persons were at home so just think about your family and your wealth wisely for the future.just think for the travel now or travel never.
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Yyeah.. i hope that no one is getting penic.. !
It's boring in here bro😥
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Nothing much do to... productivity zero only using phone day and night😴
Yeah.. i can understand that.. very well😢
Thanks same to you dear be safe stay home stay safe all
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Yeah.. nice to meet you nitika.. )
I wish this yr get skipped and hoping for 2021 😅...
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Haha.. could be.. but its the LAW of NATURE !! .. v all have to deal with it )
Thank you and same to you also
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Yeah bro.. you can follow me on instagram " life_xplorerr " ))
May God bless you as well
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Yeah.. megha.. same to u too ))
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Btw.. m brother😂
You're right dear... i'm also boring at home ... waiting for unlock...
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Yeah..dude !