Visa rules are same for whole nation. We are one union called India and hence rules are same for each city whether in north south or east. Coming to HK visa, There are about 170 countries whose citizens are visa-exempt when they travel to Hong Kong. India is one of them. As a result, a Hong Kong visa for Indians is not required. However, there is one particular requirement that Indians need to meet, and that is the pre-arrival registration. While Indians can travel to Hong Kong and stay there for up to 14 days visa free.
No im not making any sort of mistake but still its showing same also i wrote an email to hk immgration office but have not recvd any response
Im in full network zome dear but things are not working out..i have tried atleast 30 times since yesterday and its reaulting unsuccesfull
You aren’t making any mistake while filling the form right ?
Its unsuccesful again!!
Really? who said that to you?