Nice one neha
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Hi I love how you all love Himachal :) Iam from Himachal and it makes me happy how my place is making others happy :) I saw your blog Neha. it was nice. next time visit Kinnaur too. it will give you more happy memories. and one more thing you're a research scholar so I feel connected to you. I was a researcher too :)
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Hi dear! Thanks for the appreciation. Will surely visit Kinnaur after the lockdown is over. Glad to hear about your interests. We will together show the world that apart from being studious, researchers are fun loving too! xD
Parvati valley is love ! nice blog... Do checkout my travel stories too😁✌🏼
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Thanks Tarun. Will go through your blog shortly.
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Yr first trip is really good. plz do visit my profile and give it suggestion...
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Thanks Ankur. Reading your blog shortly.
Hey, its a good blog. Keep up the good work! Do checkout our blogs as well. For more articles on Kerala, visit
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Is self planning possible to visit that place or do we need to opt for agency for better ? We were 8 people and snow fall is my dream from ages. But I don't have enough information .
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Yes @Zup. Self planning is enough. We didn't hire any travel agency for this trip. Everything was planned by us. The best time to visit these places for experiencing snowfall is February. Although our host said that roads of Malana remained closed till 25th Feb. You need to really keep a track of th
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