When you publish your trips or photoblogs then you will earn the credits from 0-100 depending upon quality and content of it also earn by actively work in this forum. After that you can redeem those credits on Travel for Free Page against some trips which are mentioned there. Some of them includes all things and some of them not included flights .
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Hope this will help.
For ex take Goa trip for 500 which is free for you after redemption but your sharing member needs to pay around 9k for that . so total cost 9k for twin sharing ( you can say ). For Manali no free trip for anyone so both need to pay some amount.
Yes like if you are redeeming Trip for the 300 credits then there will be twin sharing trip only. So after redemption if trip cost is around 10k per person so you will get in 5k and your sharing member will get in less discount say 7500.
Thanks buddy.This point is clear but they are offering twin sharing holidays.and they have mentioned some amount also for family or friends?what's that?
Credit points gives you a trip on discounted rates you have to pay partial amount and rest of the amount is covered by redeeming credit points. thank you
There are no hidden charges since tripoto is very clear as to how much you are charged and what's included and what's not, the credits are redeemed on trip offers