I have been to Thailand last year, visited 3 cities- Pattaya, Bangkok, Hua Hin in 6 days. The round trip tickets were around 9k from Kolkata and we had to pay 4k (INR) for visa. But as they are giving free visa on arrival currently it would be helpful for you. Our entire trip cost was under 35k. Mostly because we did a lot of personal shopping. Otherwise the trip was pretty cheap in terms of accommodation (hostels mostly) and food (which is really good and available at cheap price).
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I don't remember exactly. but it was inexpensive, around 100-120 baht. and you can get the bus directly from Suvarnabhumi airport. happy to help. :)
Thanks a lot Daisy! Do you have any idea of bus fare from Bangkok to pattaya?
Call at +91 172 5204000. They can book a package to Bangkok for you including accommodation and food in your budget.
HI Divya, Attached with my comments below are packages offered by Tripoto for hassle free traveling. Please take a look, fill the form and someone will get in touch with you. Thanks!
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Hi Divya, You can click on the package and fill out the form for customisation.
I am lenient on property type. quite okay with hostels or dorms. I am a budget traveller, more into exploring place and people than leisure. can the package be customised, keeping this in mind and all the booking incl flight be done within my quoted budget? TIA
Hey! thanks mohit.
Thailand Trip Indigo flight - Rs 6631 = 13262 (Per person Round Trip) Just after reaching Don Meau Airport Thailand Visa on arrival (Rs 2000) From Airport to Pattaya Bus (Rs 130 per person) Hotel expense One single bed 1 double bed 1 - (Rs 7590 for 3 person 4 nights) 2 - (Rs 5693 for 3 person 3 nights) (Per person for 3 night would be Rs 1897 & For 4 night would be Rs 2530) Travelling Expense - Pattaya to Bangkok bus Rs 200 Per person So For Per Person It will cost : 17489 Including breakfast Round off :20,000
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Visa on arrival is free upto october 2019
Hey, lets say you are travelling from mumbai, the to and fro flight charge will be somehwere around 13-15k , so you will hardly be left with 5 to 7 grand, and even if you stay in bangkok for about 2 days accomodation is gonna cost you around 1k, so it might be a bit difficult for you to cover most places with the remaining amount, but if you are cool with that then its fine, you can stay at "Baan Pra Nond Bed" And Breakfast is complementary. you can start of your day by visiting the grand palace, then head on to bangkok museum, then you can relax a bit in lumpini park and have lunch in china town, and then you go to erawan shrine and yeah dont miss the street food in thailand. since bangkok is known for its nightlife, you still can visit a lot of placesat night such as wat arun, and take a walk around Chatuchak Market. this would drain off your current budget for sure, so if you are willing to spend a little more, then you can take a trip to pattaya which is amazing in its own way. so just maybe give it a thought
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