Hi, yes, I traveled by myself, traveled all over Europe, starting from the south, through the Balkans, along the coast to almost all European countries, it was a crazy trip, the only thing that pleased me was that I never let the car down, but I rented it here Booking car hire , a very good company, it’s a pity I could not see central Europe, but in general I am very pleased with the trip itself, rebooted completely!
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Hello thank you very much! A very interesting trip) I really counted on a motorcycle, but now I’m thinking about a car, because it still has more confidence and comfort, and I’ll go to the Caucasus, Georgia on a motorcycle, thanks again!
Yes, I rented a bike in Bali and roamed for a week. You may check out the vlogs on Bali Bali Tour Guide:
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Cool, you have quite a lot of vlogs))
I started traveling only a year ago and have already managed to visit 5 countries. I understood one thing: you work a lot, you lose yourself. Now I have decided to enjoy life in a coupe or convertible, which I rent a car in Martinique Only through travel can I develop and enjoy life!