Depends on the days you have.
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You're right Deepak. I'll be going at the end of September.
Jaipur,udaipur,jaisalmer rs 20-23k
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Thanks Solo Traveler πŸ‘ I'm thinking of adding Mt. Abu to my list as well. Have you been to ?
10days 20k
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Yeah, I'll certainly keep my budget around 20-25k. Thanks Boni πŸ‘
One week with 15k for udaipur,jaisalmer
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Thanks Simian πŸ‘
10 days would be sufficient. jaipur jaisalmer jodhpur udaipur mt abu ajmer alwar
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Thanks TheHimalayanGypsy πŸ‘
Depends on your preferences. the forts are somewhat similar. if you visit a few, you don't need to visit the rest. I have visited the Amer fort and it was impressive. and you know rajasthan is full of history and majestic things. for different experiences, you can put chokhi dhani (Jaipur) in your itinerary. do visit Jaisalmer and experience the desert safari. rajasthan is nothing without it. also put Mount Abu in your itinerary which is the only hill station in rajasthan. and for the budget, it depends on the time when you plan to visit. in the off season, like October (is the best time according to me) the prices are far less. do you the local conveyances which will bring down your budget further. also if you are interested in something mystery and all, you can also visit kuldhara (can google it) (bhangarh is also famous for such things). enjoy.
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Thanks Audrija for your complete suggestion. It would help me a lot πŸ‘
The only thing I can tell you is that alwar is the best place to visit in rajasthan ! β€οΈπŸŒΈπŸ’•
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Thanks Mytri πŸ‘ It's really not fair if you're in a place and miss out something Beautiful it offers you. I'll add Alwar to my list.
You should definitely keep jaipur in the list. check my blog for itinerary.
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Yeah, Rajasthan's travel is incomplete without the pink city so i'll add it to my list πŸ‘ I'll check your blog for more Information.
I'd you want to experience Rajasthan, trust me it will take time. 7-10 days I would say. Do keep Jaipur, Pushkar, Udaipur, Mount Abu, Ranthambore and the desert safari of Jaisalmer in your itinerary.
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Thanks Subhadeep πŸ‘ It would help me a lot in planning my Itinerary. What would be the estimated budget for 10 days for a budget Traveler ?
For Rajasthan go to Jaisalmer first followed by jodhpur, Pushkar, jaipur. 2 days for wach city is sufficient if you aren't a photographer.
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Thanks Sahaj πŸ‘ It would help me a lot !
Minimum 10days will be best to travel rajasthan where you can cover jaipur,pushkar,udaipur,jodhpur,jaisalmer
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Ok πŸ‘ Thanks Jagrut .