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You could start with vagamon falls, Then visit vagamon pine forest which is 2kms away from the falls Come back to the city to do boating in vagamon lake Stop by ulipooni wildlife sanctuary. Then you could drive to pine hill which is 4kms away from the city, Drive ahead to barren hill Then ahead to Maramala falls. You could plan a separate day for Idukki While returning stop by mundakayam ghat Spend an evening in vagamon city, explore footwear, textiles and spices. Don’t forget to taste Kerala sambhar and Chicken curry. Summers march to May is an ideal time to plan a travel to vagamon.
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Hello, Although Vagamon is an all-season destination, it is better to avoid visiting this city during monsoons as heavy rainfall makes the traveling tough. Hence, the best time to visit Vagamon is during the dry seasons i.e summers (March to May) or winter (December to February).