The North is by far more crowded that the South. If you’re dead against crowded party areas and are on of the people who think “Goa won’t be the real India” then you’ll most likely prefer the South. The South is actually better for backpackers as you don’t have crazy crowds, can chill in quiet jungle, take cooking classes and other classes, and feel like you are somewhere from a movie. The North has so many tourists here both international and Indian, that it’s way overcrowded. It is this way because almost all the best things to do/see are in the North. Also, the famous Anjuna Market and Saturday Night Market are all in North Goa. And while there are parties in the South, I would say at least 95% of the massive parties are in North Goa. There are a few places in the South that have parties on the weekends, but not only are they smaller you have less options on where to go out. Hope it helped Happy Traveling!
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Hey if you are planning for some party kind of stuffs then North Goa will be good for you, try staying in panjim Heritage hotel which is good and cheap and travel to North Goa, Clubs are mostly in Tittos lane and beaches,forts are surround to calangute
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Hi-fi for your travel! Well, i did visit Goa with my friend the same way you're doing! It's better to stay towards North and since you have people there, you will have some safety. And parties, then North Goa is suggestible. As beaches and pubs are so close by that you can spend maximum of your time at beaches! and also visit pubs in the night. ;) Well have a happy time u both!
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Hi Anend, I'm from Goa and can help you with your query. Since you are traveling in February, you should go to North Goa as you can attend Carnival in Panjim and can cover beaches in North Goa and Old Goa churches. North Goa: A) Suggested beaches in North Goa: 1. Anjuna beach 2. Ashvem Beach 3. Siquerim fort beach B) Churches in Old Goa C) Churches in Panjim D) Dona Paula jetty E) You can stay in backpacking hostels like The Bucket list Goa which will cost you around 200 rs. per night (Please Google the pics for reference) South Goa: However it would be a little crowded at North Goa beaches and if you want to enjoy calm and serene beaches you can visit the below beaches in South Goa 1. Cola beach 2. Palolem beach 3. Agonda beach 4. Cab d ram beach If you like trekking, you can also do a jungle trekking at Dudhsagar waterfalls at Kulem Goa (60 kms from Palolem beach) However the pics you would see of Dudhsagar waterfalls are mostly the pictures from monsoon when the waterfall is in full February it won't be as secnic. Cheers, Pravin Malik Solo Travel Blogger at
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Thank-you. 😊
If you want peace then south else party n fun then north. if you want I can plan to join you guys if you are ok.