Fully vaccinated tourists are not supposed to go for testing only they have to register tthemself in einvite. .
Awesome..looks like airline guidelines are not updated correctly. thanks for clarifying.
I came to Guwahati on 3rd October. So this is the latest update. People who have taken 2 vaccines need to show their vaccination certificate at the arrival gate and are allowed to leave. For people who are not vaccinated or have taken only the 1st dose need to get a covid test (RTPCR & Antigen) at the airport itself. They have opened a swab sample collection center. If you've taken your 1st dose, the test will cost you Rs. 250/-. If you're not vaccinated, the test will cost Rs. 500/-. They take payment only in cash.
Thanks Namrata. That's really helpful. So all good to go for me.😊