Hi Saurabh, There are many hotels on Public islands in Maldives. one of the most famous of such islands is Maafushi. You can find many decently priced hotels there. There are not many places to be seen there, apart from natural beauty like white sandy beaches and crystal clear ocean water. You can snorkel, scuba, fishing trips, sandbank excursions and things like that. For more details, you may go through this-
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Thanks for the information 😊
Im not that much familiar
Hi Saurabh, You're set for a memorable trip in the dreamy island. You'll find budget hotels, luxury hotels and resort information on this page. Simply choose a hotel which meet your requirements. This resort is a suggestion in case you're looking to pamper yourself at an ultra-luxe resort with all the fixings. Https:// Create your own itinerary or simply follow this well-planned itinerary which covers the best of Maldives: You can't leave Maldives without scuba diving in its blue waters and looking at colourful fishes up close. I hope you have a great trip!