The temple is located on Tuini-Mori avenue at Hanol and dedicated to Mahasu Devta. 'Mahasu Deity' is the collective name of four deities. The names of the four Mahasu brothers are, Bachik Mahasu, Pashashik Mahasu, Boothia Mahasu (Boudha Mahasu) and Chalvda Mahasu, which are the forms of Lord Shiva. it's far the ancient temple of Mahasu Devta constructed in the ninth century. The temple is built in Huna architectural style.In these areas, the Mahasu Deity is considered as the court of justice and the temple of justice. At present, devotees of Mahasu Devta look for justice in the temple which is theirs. There are three ways to reach the temple of Mahasu Deity from Dehradun. The first is Dehradun, Vikasnagar, Chakrata, Tuuni with Hanol which is approximately 188 km, the other way is Dehradun, Mussoorie, Nainabagh, Purola, Mori and Hanol which is about 175 km. The third route can be reached from Dehradun to Devnagar, Chhibaur Dam, Kwanu, Minas, Khalil and Tuuni, about 178 km Hanol.
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Thanks Gaurav for the detailed information
Yes it's a very serene place with picturesque location
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