Hey Shivam... just saw your blog it's very nicely written.. Regarding the things here... you have to post your trips and photoblogs for which u will be rewarded credits upto 75 credits for a trip upto 50 points for a photo blog... also when u ask and answer relevant questions here on the forum then you ll be given credits you can use these credits later for awailing discounted or free trips provided by tripoto... Hope this is helpful Thankyou
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Pleasure is all mine!!
Thank you so much!! your feedback is much appreciated...
This app is all about the experience of travellers from different countries and publish their trips and provide some credits to them . These credits are redeemed by traveller for some packages in the tripoto app with discounted prices
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Yes sure.
Would appreciate, if you can spare some time to go through my blog and share your feedback!!
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You most welcome buddy. God bless you.
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If you can share your feedback on my blog on Seychelles, will be great!
Hey... keep sharing your photos...interesting travel stories...and u will earn credits for the same...which can be redeem later... if you delete any of your post, credit points will get deducted...
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Thank you...kindly let me know your feedback on my latest post on Seychelles.😊
Welcome and all the best.